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GATE EC 2021: Analog Circuits Quiz 13 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

In the voltage regulator circuit in figure the maximum load current IL that can be drawn is

Question 2

For the diode circuit shown below VZ=6V, and Vγ of the diodes to be 0.7 V. The required value of Vi to get Zener diode in the breakdown region.

Question 3

In the voltage controller circuit shown in the figure (assume that op-amp is ideal). The BJT has VBE=0.7V & is very large and VZ =4.7V. For a regulated output of 9.4 V, the value of R (in kΩ) is _____

Question 4

A regulated power supply, shown in figure below has an unregulated input (UR) of 15 Volts and generates a regulated output Vout. Use the component values shown in the figure.

In the figure above, the ground has been shown by the symbol.
The power dissipation across the transistor Q1 shown in the figure is:

Question 5

A DC power supply, when connected to a load exhibits 20 V potential across its terminals while delivering a current of 2 A to the load. When the potential across the terminals are measured while the power supply is kept idle, it shows a potential of 35 V. Load regulation and value of connected load to the power supply are, respectively

Question 6

The circuit shown below is a zener regulated DC power supply. The minimum value of RL for zener voltage regulation circuit_____kΩ
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