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GATE EC 2021: Analog Circuits Quiz 11 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

In the given oscillator circuit, find the values of C1 and C2 that would make the bridge balanced

Question 2

Match List -1 (Name of the circuit) with List-2 (Property or Characteristics of the circuit) and choose the correct option
A) Rectifier circuit
B) Colpitts oscillator
C) Pre-amplifier
D) Phase shift oscillator
1) Small signal amplifier
2) Non linear circuit
3) RC Oscillator
4) LC Oscillator

Options that match A B C D respectively are

Question 3

The value of C required for sinusoidal oscillation of frequency 1 kHz in the circuit of fig is

Question 4

A voltage Controlled oscillator is designed by using a varactor diode as shown in figure. Capacitance of diode is considered to be 0.5 μF. Calculate the frequency of oscillator in kHz?

Question 5

The oscillator circuit shown in figure has n ideal inverting amplifier. Its frequency of oscillation (in Hz) is

Question 6

An op-amp has an input resistance 1kΩ and output resistance of 2.5kΩ.

Find the value of Rx for sustained oscillations

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