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GATE CS 2022: Digital Logic-2

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Question 1

Consider the function :

Find the value of F[F[A+B,B],C]

Question 2

A three bit pseudo random number generator is shown in the figure. Initially the value of output y = y2y1y0 is set to 111. The value of output y after three clock cycles is

Question 3

If (2.3)base 4+ (1.2)base 4= (y)base 4; what is the value of y.

Question 4

What is the output of the flip-flop in KHz shown in the figure, if the clock frequency is 4KHz?

Question 5

Consider the following circuit

The minimum number of NAND gate (having 2 fan-in) require to implement the same circuit is___. Assume complements of each variable are already available.

Question 6

Consider the following synchronous counter made up of JK, D and T Flip-Flops.

The modulus value of the counter is ____________
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