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GATE CS 2022 : Compiler design Quiz -7

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Question 1

Find the expression which is represented by the following DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph)?

Question 2

During intermediate code generation , we use 3 - address code in which we have 3 forms available : Quadruples , Triples and Indirect Triples. Now consider the below statements :

S1 : In Quadruples , statements can be moved around

S2 : In Triples , space is not wasted.

S3 : In Indirect Triples , space is not wasted but access time increases.

Which is correct ?

Question 3

Which of the following comment about peep-hole optimization is true?

Question 4

A system program that combines the separately compiled modules of a program into a form suitable for execution

Question 5

______ merges the bodies of two loops.

Question 6

Which of the following is correct about self-relocating program?
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