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Question 1

A sequential access file has 15 bytes record. Assume that the first record is numbered as 1, than what will be the logical location at which first byte of sixth record will be stored _______

Question 2

Consider allocation of memory to a new process. Assume that none of the existing holes in the memory will exactly fit the process’s memory requirement. Hence, a new hole of smaller size will be created if allocation is made of the existing holes. Which one of the following statements is TRUE?

Question 3

Consider following Statements

Statement 1- Belady anomaly arises in some page replacement policy because those policy does not follow stack property.

Statement 2- In case of reverse order in reference string, LRU is best algorithm to be use.

Statement 3- In case of loop order in reference string, MRU and FIFO is best algorithm to be use.

Number of statement which are correct ____.

Question 4

Consider a system having segmented paging where segment is divided into 8K pages and each page has 2K entries. Memory is byte addressable. Segment number can be specified with 15 bits. The physical address space is 512KB and page table entry size is 8 bits. Then calculate the difference between the logical address and physical address bits?

Question 5

Consider a paging system with a 32-bit virtual address space. Each address refers to a byte in memory.
Let the page size be 16 KB, and the main memory size be 256 MB. What is minimum size of page table in MB? Assume page table entry has atleast 2 protection bits.

Question 6

Consider a system implementing inverted page table concept. If physical address is 32 bit wide and page size is 16 KB. System is having a process to 48 bit wide that is virtual address is 48 bit wide. Then the size of Inverted page entry (in bytes) if inverted page table is of 2 MB.
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