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Question 1

A B-Tree used as an index for a large database table has six levels including the root node. If a new key is inserted in this index, then the minimum number of nodes that could be newly created in the process are

Question 2

Consider a file of 8192 records. Each record is 4bytes long and its key field is of size 6 bytes. The file is ordered on a key field, and the file organization is unspanned. The file is stored in a file system with block size is 512 bytes, and the size of a block pointer is 10bytes. If the primary index is built on the key field of the file, and a multilevel index scheme is used to store the primary index, the number of second level blocks in the multilevel index are-

Question 3

The order of an internal node in a B+ tree index is the maximum number of children it can have. Suppose that a child pointer can takes 6 Bytes, the search field value takes 14 Bytes and the block size is 512 Bytes. What is the order of internal node?

Question 4

What is the minimum space utilization for a B+ tree index in percent?

Question 5

Consider an ordered file with 1,00,000 records stored on a disk using un-spanned file organization. Block size is 2048 bytes and record length 256 bytes. If primary indexing is used over a field of size 10 bytes and block pointer size is 6 bytes. Then number of block access is required to search for a record.

Question 6

A dense index containing 1024 entries can be converted to sparse index with 8 entries by-
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