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Question 1

The data given below pertain to the design of a flexible pavement.

Initial traffic = 1350 cvpd

Traffic growth rate = 7% per annum

Design life = 15 years

Vehicle damage factor = 2.50

Distribution factor = 1.05

The design traffic in terms of Million standard axles (MSA) to be catered would be.

Question 2

If the area calculated by chain is found to be 0.6 link too long is 140 acres then the true area (in acres)

Question 3

A uniformly distributed live load of 30 kN/m of length 6m moves on a girder of span 12 m. The maximum positive shear, in kN, force at a section 3m from the left end will be (nearsest inetger).

Question 4

A mild steel plate of width 120 mm and thickness 10 m is nest into an arc of a circle of radius 10 m by applying a pure moment M. If E is 2 × 105 N/mm2, then the magnitude of pure moment ‘M’ will be

Question 5

A standard proctor compaction test conducted on a crushed limestone sample (with Gs = 2.65) resulted in a maximum dry unit weight of 16.5 kN/m3 at OMC. A field compacted soil showed moisture content of 28 % and unit weight of 18.3 kN/m3. The relative compaction will be

Question 6

In a drained triaxial compression test, a sample of sand fails at deviator stress of 150 kPa under confining pressure of 50 kPa. The angle of internal friction (in degree, round off to the nearest integer) of the sample is

Question 7

An RC beam of rectangular cross-section have 250 mm width and 450 mm effective depth. Vertical stirrups 2-legged 10 mm diameter are provided at a spacing of 250 mm centre to centre and assume design shear strength of concrete is 0.6 MPa. The total shear capacity (in kN) of the section is
[Use Fe415 grade steel for stirrups]

Question 8

Match List I with List-II and select the correct answer.

Question 9

Rainfall depth over a watershed is monitored through six number of well distributed rain gauges. Gauged data are given below:

The Thiessen mean value (in mm, up to one decimal place) of the rainfall is ____________

Question 10

Which of the following statements are correct?
1) Ultimate bearing capacity includes the backfill load above the foundation.
2) If the soil is not back filled the net bearing capacity of the soil decreases.
3) According to IS code, allowable bearing capacity is calculated minimum of the net safe bearing pressure and safe bearing pressure.

Question 11

Consider the following statements:
1) The compressive strength of concrete decreases with increase in water-cement ratio of the concrete mix.
2) Water is added to the concrete mix for hydration of cement and workability.
3) Creep and shrinkage of concrete are independent of the water-cement ratio in the concrete mix.
The true statements are

Question 12

An earth embankment is to be constructed with compacted cohesionless soil. The volume of the embankment is 5000 m3 and the target dry unit weight is 16.2 kN/m3. Three nearby sites (see figure below) have been identified from where the required soil can be transported to the construction site. The void ratios (e) of different sites are shown in the figure. Assume the specific gravity of soil to be 2.7 for all three sites. If the cost of transportation per km is twice the cost of excavation per m3 of borrow pits, which site would you choose as the most economic solution? (Use unit weight of water = 10 kN/m3)

Question 13

The activity details of a project are given below:

The estimated minimum time (in days) for the completion of the project will be________

Question 14

A continuous beam is loaded as shown in the figure below. Assuming a plastic moment capacity equal to Mp, the minimum load at which the beam would collapse is

Question 15

Two forces equal to ‘M’ and ‘2M’ respectively act on a particle. When the first force is increased by 100 N and the second force is tripled, the direction of the resultant remains same. Then the value of force ‘M’ is (in N, nearest integer)

Question 16

For the given water sample determine the value of Na+ in mg/L

Ca2+ = 40 mg/l, Mg2+ = ?, Na+ =? , K+ =39.9 mg/l

HCO3- =?, SO42- = 96 mg/l, Cl- =35.5 mg/l

Alkalinity = 3 meq/L and NCH = 1 meq/L

Question 17

For a wastewater sample, the three-day biochemical oxygen demand at incubation temperature of 20 °C (BOD3day, 20 °C) is estimated as 200 mg/L. Taking the value of the first order BOD reaction rate constant as 0.22 day-1, the five-day BOD (expressed in mg/L) of the wastewater at incubation temperature of 20 °C (BOD5day, 20 °c) would be ___________

Question 18

A pump can deliver a discharge of 0.10 m3/s to a head of 30 m. The critical cavitation number ‘Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Civil Part 1-Done\04_FM_BLok_files\image200.png’ for the pump is found to be 0.12. The pump is to be installed at a location where the barometric pressure is 96.0 kPa (abs) and the vapour pressure is 3.0 kPa (abs). Assuming an intake pipe friction of 0.3m. The maximum allowable elevation above the sump water surface at which the pump can be located is _______m.[Take g=9.79 m/s2]

Question 19

A block of wood (specific gravity = 0.6) floats in fluid x as shown in the figure such that 75% of its volume is submerged in fluid x. The gauge pressure (in Pa) of the air in the tank is [Take g = 9.81 m/s2, density of water = 1000 kg/m3]

Question 20

Two identical concrete piles having the plan dimensions 50 cm x 50 cm are driven into a homogeneous sandy layer as shown in the figures. Consider the bearing capacity factor INT, for .

If QP1 and QP2 represent the ultimate point bearing resistance of the piles under dry and submerged conditions, respectively, which one of the following statements is correct?

Question 21

The peak discharge of a 4-hr unit hydrograph, triangular in shape, for a basin of 108 km2, is 20 cumecs. The time base (in hrs)of this hydrograph is

Question 22

The left branch of a main canal running for a very long distance carrying a discharge of 30 cumecs has culturable command area of 22000 Ha. The intensity of irrigation of Rabi crop is 75% and the base period is 110 days. The right branch of the same main canal carrying discharge of 8 cumecs has culturable command area of 13000 Ha. The intensity of irrigation of Rabi crop is 60% and base period is 110 days. Calculate the ratio of the duty of left canal to right canal system.

Question 23

In a pre-stressed concrete beam section shown in the figure, the net loss is 10% and the final pre-stressing force applied at X is 750 kN. The initial fiber stresses (in N/mm2) at the  bottom of the beam were:

Question 24

A water tank is to be constructed on the soil deposit shown in the figure below. A circular footing of diameter 3 m and depth of embedment 1 m has been designed to support the tank. The total vertical load to be taken by the footing is 1500 kN. Assume the unit weight of water as 10 kN/m3 and the load dispersion pattern as 2V : 1H. The expected settlement of the tank due to primary consolidation of the clay layer is ________ mm.

Question 25

A thin-walled cylinder of radius r and thickness t is open at both ends, and fits snugly between two rigid walls under ambient conditions, as shown in the figure.

The material of the cylinder has Young’s modulus E .Poisson’s ratio ,and coefficient of thermal expansion .What is the minimum rise in temperature ∆T of the cylinder (assume uniform cylinder temperature with no buckling of the cylinder) required to prevent gas leakage if the cylinder has to store the gas at an internal pressure of p above the atmosphere?

Question 26

The determinant of stiffness matrix for the beam shown below with respect to the coordinates (1) and (2) is __________ .

Question 27

Two pegs P and Q are fixed on opposite banks of 42 m wide river. The level was setup at P and staff reading on peg P and Q were observed as 1.69 m and 1.92 m respectively. Thereafter the instrument was shifted and set at Q. the staff reading on pegs Q and P were observed as 0.86 m and 0.63 m respectively. If R.L. of peg P is 152.1 m then the R.L. of peg Q is

Question 28Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statements are correct.

Question 29

If car ‘X’ and car ‘Y’ are racing continuously for 2 hours and expressions relating the distance travelled (d in km) and time (t in hour) for both the vehicles are [d = 50 t] and [d = 75 t2], respectively, then the maximum space headway (in km), within the first one hour, would be

Question 30

A column clamped at both the ends has buckling load of 4000N.During the course of service, one end gets detached from the clamp and becomes free end. The magnitude of percentage change in buckling load due to change in the end condition is
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