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GATE 2025Power Systems Foundation Quiz 45

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Question 1

If the length of the cable is halved, what will be the effect on capacitance C will be_________?

Question 2

In underground cables the electrostatic stress is Maximum at_____ and Minimum at _______?

Question 3

A 3-phase, 3-core cable of 50 Hz, 11 kV has inter-phase capacitance between each pair of conductors is 0.3 µF and capacitance between each line and sheath is 0.5 µF. Find the per phase charging current?

Question 4

Which of the following statement is incorrect while comparing the overhead lines and the underground cables?

Question 5

A kilometer of a 3 core, 3 phase metal sheathed cable gave the following results on a test for capacitance (i) Capacitance between bunched conductors and sheath is 2 µF (ii) Capacitance between two conductor bunched with the sheath and third conductor is 0.9 µF with the sheath insulated. Find the capacitance between any two cores.
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