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GATE 2025 Signals & Systems Foundation Quiz 23

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Question 1

Let x(t) be a signal whose Laplace transform X(s) is given as then the signal x (t) is

Question 2

Find the Laplace transform of the following signal

Question 3

Consider a continuous time signal f (t) where The Laplace transform and the ROC of f (t) are respectively.

Question 4

The Laplace transform of x(t) is  
The final value of x(t) is

Question 5

The bilateral Laplace transform of    ROC: Re(s) > 4 The signal x(t) is

Question 6

If f (t) is a time domain signal whose Laplace transform is F (s), Where 

and the Fourier transform of f(t) converges.  Then f(0) and f() are respectively

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