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GATE 2025 Power Electronics Foundation Quiz 56

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Question 1

What is the angle conducted by each diode D in a three-phase half wave diode rectifier using 3 diodes? The diodes D1, D2 & D3 are connected to phases R,Y and B respectively as shown in figure

The phase sequence is R-Y-B?

Question 2

A Three phase fully controlled converter feeds a dc load that draws a constant current. Then the input ac line current to the converter has______?

Question 3

What is the ratio of the average output voltage to per phase maximum AC voltage in a three-phase half-wave diode rectifier on a resistive load?

Question 4

Arrange the following in order to current distortion in them

1. 3ϕ full converter

2. 3ϕ semi converter

3. 1ϕ full converter

4. 1ϕ semi converter

Question 5

A 200 V battery is charged by a 3-ɸ diode bridge rectifier. Input voltage to rectifier is 3-phase 400 V, 50 Hz. Current limiting resistor in series with the battery is 20 ohms and an inductor in the load make the output current almost ripple free. Calculate the source transformer rating in kVA?
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