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GATE 2025 Power Electronics Foundation Quiz 54

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Question 1

The circuit shown below, the conduction time of T is _______(μsec).

Assume: L = 1 mH, IL(0) = 0 A, C = 1 μF and VC(0) = 100 V

Question 2

For the following circuit:

The switch is closed at t = 0, the capacitor has initially charged to 50 V polarity as shown in the figure above. Find the peak value of diode current______ A.

Question 3

The circuit employing class C commutation has Vs= 200V, R1 = 100 Ω, R2 = 150Ω. The peak current through thyristor T1 is ___?

Question 4

In the current Commutated chopper shown below

Thyristor T1 is conducting a load current I0 when thyristor TA is turned off with capacitor polarity as shown, the capacitor Ic would flow through

Question 5

Consider the circuit shown in the figure below, the following parameters are C = 40 µF and L = 20 µH. The initially capacitor voltage is equal to the source voltage Vs = 200V dc. Find the possible minimum and maximum turn-off time period of main thyristor?

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