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GATE 2025 Power Electronics Foundation Quiz 53

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Question 1

An integrated circuit is to be operated from a 60 Hz ac line voltage. Which of the following converter is suitable for this application?

Question 2

Statement I: AC voltage regulators can be used to convert fixed AC to variable AC

Statement II: TRIAC can be used in phase-controlled Rectifiers.

Question 3

Statement I: UJT firing circuit is suitable for feedback Networks.

Statement II: UJT depicts the negative resistance characteristics.

Question 4

A DC source of 100 V supplies a purely inductive load 0.1H. The controller is a thyristor in series with the source and load. The latching current specified is 100mA . The minimum width of the gating pulse to ensure thyristor turn ON is

Question 5

The holding current of thyristor in the single-phase full converter is IH = 400 mA and the delay time is td = 2 μsec. The converter is supplied from a 120 V, 50 Hz supply and has a load of L = 10 mH and R = 10Ω. The converter is operated with a delay angle of α = 30°. Determine the minimum value of gate pulse width.
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