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GATE 2025 Power Electronics Foundation Quiz 52

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Question 1

A pnpn diode can be split into two parts, to illustrate that the device may be viewed as two transistors back to back. Which of the following is the equivalent circuit obtained, when a current is supplied to the device from a voltage source through a resistor?

Question 2

Statement I: All switching devices experience secondary breakdown.

Statement II: Due to negative thermal coefficient of BJT, thermal away takes place and secondary Breakdown occurs.

Question 3

Consider the following figure of Safe Operating Area of MOSFET.

A- Current limit-AB
B- Voltage Limit-CD
C- Current limit-CD
D- Voltage limit-AB
E- Power dissipation limit-BC
F- Heat developed limit-BC
Which of the following is correctly matched?

Question 4

A sinusoidal voltage source of , when applied to a non-linear load, produces a non-sinusoidal current expressed using the Fourier series as:

Determine the power factor of the load.

Question 5

For a power diode, the rate of diode current decay is 100 A/µsec and the reverse recovery time is 3.9 µsec. For a softness factor of 0.3, the storage charge in power diode is
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