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GATE 2025 Power Electronics Foundation Quiz 51

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Question 1

The following switching characteristics for a power semiconductor device:

Find the turn - ON time period for average power loss of 200 W at switching frequency of 1 KHz ___________μsec.
Given Vs=200 and Ia=50

Question 2

Which of the following is correct about MOSFET with body diode.

Question 3

An Electronic switch ‘S’ is required to block voltages of either polarity during its off period and this switch required to conduct in both the direction during ON state. Which of the following are realization of the switch ‘S’?

Question 4

The forward characteristics of a power diode is V= 2I – 1.5. If the current is constant at 25A, the average power loss in half cycle is______________W

Question 5

The switching wave forms of the transistor switch is shown in figure. Given that duty cycle α is 50% and switching frequency is 10 kHz 

Determine the time _____(micro sec) at which peak power loss during turn on process is occurs.?
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