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GATE 2025 Power Electronics Evaluation Quiz 11

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Question 1

A 3 - full converter bridge is connected to supply voltage of 230 V per phase and a frequency of 50 Hz. The source inductance is 4 mH. The load current on dc side is constant at 20 A. If the load consists of a dc source of internal emf 400 V with internal resistance of 1 Ω then firing angle is______ in degree?

Question 2

In a 3-phase rectifier circuit, Thyristor numbered 1, 2 and 3 are connected respectively R, Y and B phases of the star-connected transformer secondary. When the current is being commutated from thyristor no.1 to no.2, the effect of the transformer leakage and the ac system inductance will be such that it will_____

Question 3

Overlap angle (μ) will increase with increase in which of the following  quantities?
1. Frequency

2. Firing angle

3. Inductance

4. Voltage applied

5. Type of Battery

Question 4

The length of overlap period can be decreased by

Question 5

Which of the following expression relates the firing angle (), extinxtion angle () and the overlap angle () of a phase controlled rectifier?

Question 6

A 3-phase fully controlled converter is fed from 400 V, 50 Hz mains for a firing angle of 60°, output voltage is 250 V. Calculate load resistance, source inductance & overlap angle. The load current is 25 A.
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