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GATE 2025 EMT Quiz 43

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Question 1

A certain antenna with an efficiency of 95% has maximum radiation intensity of 0.5 W/sr. The input power is 0.4 W. The directivity of antenna (in dB) is …………………

Question 2

A circular loop antenna with radius r=0.60m, is operating at 2MHz. If conductivity of the wire is 57mS/m, and radius of wire is 0.2mm, then determine the radiation resistance (in ) of the antenna. (Given that: μr= 1)

Question 3

An electric field of strength 10 mV/m is existing a region at 50 MHz switching frequency. A half wave dipole antenna with Directivity 1.68 receives how much power( in μW) from the existing field?

Question 4

A 1 m long centre fed dipole antenna operate at 1.5 MHz. The dipole is made of material having conductivity 6 × 107 s/m and radius of 1.5 mm. The radiation efficiency of antenna is ……….. %.

Question 5

The radiation intensity of a given antenna is U = 2(sinθ sinφ) in the range 0 ≤ θ ≤ π and 0 ≤ φ ≤ π and 0 elsewhere. The direction is
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