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GATE 2025 EMT Quiz 42

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Question 1

An air-filled rectangular waveguide has dimensions (3.5 cm × 1 cm) and operations at the TE20 mode then cut off frequency will be __________ GHz.

Question 2

The magnetic field along the propagation direction inside a rectangular waveguide with the cross section shown in the figure is Hz = 3 cos  cos  cos

The phase velocity vp of the wave inside the waveguide satisfies

Question 3

An air filled rectangular waveguide of dimensions a = 4 cm, b = 2 cm transports energy in the dominant mode at a rate of 2 mw. If the frequency of operation is 10 GHz. Determine the peak value of electric field in the wave guide?

Question 4

An air filled rectangular wave guide is operating at 4 GHz with TE10 mode propagating inside it. If the wave length of guided waveguide is 12.25 cm then the wave impedance of the mode is given by ( in Ω)

Question 5

For 10×5 cm2 rectangular waveguide find maximum peak magnetic field (in mA/m), if maximum peak electric field for dominant mode at 2 GHz is 10 V/m
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