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GATE 2025 EMT Quiz 41

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Question 1

The input impedance of lossless λ/8 transmission line with other end short circuited is given by ______. (Assume characteristic impedance Zo = 50Ω)

Question 2

A 100 Ω transmission line is terminated by a load of 150 Ω + j100Ω. If the line is excited by a 100 MHz source, then the ratio of voltage minimum to voltage maximum on the line is given by

Question 3

Design a lossless impedance matching network shown in Fig. P22 to transform ZL = 10 + j10Ω to Zin = 50Ω. Find the values of L, C and quality factor (Q) of the circuit at f = 1GHz.

Question 4

A short-circuited stub is connected to a transmission line as shown in the figure. If the voltage standing wave ratio to the left of the junction of stub and line is

Question 5

Consider a lossless transmissions line which is connected as shown in the figure

The average power dissipated in 25 load is__________ Watts.
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