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GATE 2025 EMT Quiz 39

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Question 1

Find the value of group velocity (in m/s) if angular frequency and phase constant are related by the equation when

Question 2

A 100 MHz plane wave in air is normally incident from air to a lossless medium (ϵr = 8, μr = 4). If the power carried by the wave in air is 10 W, then the power transmitted into the lossless medium is ________ W.

Question 3

A 200rad/s uniform plane with electric field vector v/m is propagating in a lossless dielectric medium (.If the wave enters free space normally at Z=0, the power density for Z>0 is given by

Question 4

The electric field intensity of a plane wave traveling in free space is given by the following expression
Description: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE EC 10-Mar\GATE-ECE-2015-Paper-1_files\image298.png
In this field, consider a square area 10 cm x 10 cm on a plane x + y = 1. The total time-averaged power (in mW) passing through the square area is __________.

Question 5

when a plane wave is incident normally from dielectric ‘1’(onto ‘2’(electric field of the transmitted wave is -2 times the electric field of the reflected wave
The ratio is
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