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GATE 2025 EMT Quiz 37

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Question 1

A charge density inside a hollow spherical shell of radius r = 4 m centred at origin is defined as,

ρv = 0; r ≤ 2

Then the electric field intensity at r = 3 m will be,

Question 2

An infinite uniform line charge of 2μC is located on Z axis . Find electric field E at point P(1,2,3) in Cartesian coordinates .

Question 3

The capacitance of a conducting sphere radius 9 cm placed in vacuum is given by ___ pF.

Question 4

In a certain, at a frequency 90 GHz, the magnitudes of conduction current density and displacement current densities are equal, If the medium has conductivity of 10 , the relative permittivity of the medium is given by

Question 5

A charge cloud is distributed through a spherical volume. The charge is non-uniformly distributed with a distribution ρv = ρor C/m3, where ρo = 10–7 and r is the distance from the centre of the sphere. The total charge (in mC) in a sphere of radius ro = 10 m is?
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