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GATE 2025 EDC Quiz 20

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Question 1

For a double hetero junction LED emitting light at a peak wavelength of 1.3 μm has radiative and non-radiative recombination time as 40 nsec and 120 nsec respectively, then the bulk recombination lifetime will be

Question 2

A Silicon photodiode has a dark current of 1.2 nA and is being used as a detector under reverse bias of 2 V. the photodiode has a responsivity of 0.6 A/W. The photodiode is illuminated under optical power level of 2 μW with photons having energy 1.4*10-19 Joules. What is the photocurrent generated(in nA) ?

Question 3

A 0.46 thick sample of GaAs is illuminated with monochromatic light of 2 eV energy. The absorption coefficient is.The power incident on sample is 10 mW. Then the rate of excess thermal energy given up by electrons to the lattice before recombination is ______(mJ/s).

Question 4

A solar cell has short circuit current of 180mA, and open circuit voltage of 0.5 Volt, junction area is 3 cm2. And fill factor is 0.7 If it is illuminated uniformly with light if power 100 mW/cm2. then the maximum conversion efficiency is given as _______(percentage)

Question 5

In a photo diode, the width of the depletion layer W is 1 mm, generation rate of excess carriers is 1020 cm–3 sec–1. The diffusion length of electrons and holes are 20 mm and 10 mm respectively. Then the steady state photo current density of the photo diode is __ in mA / cm2
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