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GATE 2025 EDC Quiz 19

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Question 1

The parameter for an ideal npoly-Si gated MOSFET are as follows : L=0.5 μm, w=2.5 μm, tox = 10 nm, and VT= 0.5V 

The Gate voltage , VGS, that must be applied to obtain the ID-VD  curve shown is ___________(V).

Question 2

Consider an n+ polysilicon-silicon dioxide n-type silicon MOS capacitor. Let Nd = 1015 cm-3, tox =, and . What will be the flat-band voltage? If

Question 3

In an n-channel MOSFET , drain is shorted to the gate so that VGS = VDS.  And V=1V. If the drain current ID is 1 mA for VGS =2V then for VGS =3V, ID  (in mA) is

Question 4

For a n – channel enhancement MOSFET the parameter are VTN = .8V, kn = 5 mA/V2, VGS = 2V. If the transistor is biased in saturation region with Io = 1 mA . The required  is

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

Choose the correct answer for the given low-frequency capacitance versus gate voltage characteristics of MOS-capacitor.

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