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GATE 2025 Control Systems Foundation Quiz 64

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Question 1

Consider a unity feedback transfer function given below,

G(s)H(s) = 

Find the correct statement?

Question 2

The polar plot for a transfer function is shown below:

An addition of zero except origin will change the plot as?

Question 3

The open loop transfer function of a system with unity negative feedback system is given by

For K=2, the nyquist plot of G(s) encircles the point (-1+j0)

Question 4

The polar diagram of a conditionally stable for open loop gain k = 1 is shown in figure. The open loop transfer function of the system is known to be stable. The closed loop system is stable for

Question 5

The open loop transfer functions of a unity feedback system is , the maximum value of ‘k’ for the stability of a system is _______ (Rounded up to two decimal value)
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