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GATE 2024 Subject Name Foundation Quiz 79

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Question 1

The built-in potential for a silicon p-n junction diode with ND= 1014 cm-3 and NA= 1017 cm-3 for T=300K will be ___V?
(Given intrinsic carrier concentration ni=1.5Description: E:\Gate\Gate-EC\03_Elctro-Devic_B-done_files\image021.png1010 cm3).

Question 2

Consider an abrupt PN junction (at T = 300 K) shown in the figure. The depletion region width Xn on the N-side of the junction is 0.2 μm and the permittivity of silicon si) is 1.044x10-12 F/cm At the junction, the approximate magnitude value of the peak electric field (in kV/cm) is _________.

Question 3

Considersilicon diode at. The slope of the diffusion capacitance versus forward bias current is. The hole lifetime is _______.
(Assume forward bias current)

Question 4

Consider an ideal silicon P-N junction diode with the following parameters

The ratio of so that 95% of current in depletion region is carried by electron is

Question 5

An ideal p-n junction is at T = 300 K, then n-region is doped with 1016 donor atoms per cm3. The minority carrier life times are ms and The minority carrier diffusion coeffcient are Dn = 23 cm2/s and Dp = 8 cm2/s. The forward bias voltage is Va = 0.610 V. The excess hole concentration as a function of is given as (Assume cm-3, and the depletion width to be negotiable).
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