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GATE 2024 Signals & Systems Rank Booster Quiz 29

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Question 1

The Fourier series coefficients of a continuous time periodic signal is given as follows
Find the numerical value of the power of the signal .

Question 2

Consider the following continuous time signal x(t)

If Ck is the complex Fourier series coefficient of signal x(t). Then the value of |C2| will be

Question 3

A real valued continuous time x(t) has a fundamental period T = 8. The non-zero Fourier series coefficients for x(t) are:

Question 4

Given the unilateral Z-transform  The initial and final value of x(n) are respectively.

Question 5

If x(z) is z-transform of , then ROC of X(z) will be

Question 6

Consider the signal given below.

Find the z-transform of the above signal.

Question 7

A continuous-time periodic signal x(t) is real-valued and has a fundamental period T = 16. The non-zero Fourier series coefficient for x(t) signal are :

Which of the following signal represents the continuous time periodic signal for these coefficients ?

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