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GATE 2024 Signals & Systems Rank Booster Quiz 27

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Question 1

Let x(t) be a continuous time signal. Signal x(t) is applied as input to a system whose impulse response is. The output of the system is, then the value of att = 2 is ______.

Question 2

The waveform of a periodic signal x(t) is shown below

A new signal y(t)= x{(t-78)/11}, then the power of y(t) is….

Question 3

Suppose we are given the following information about a signal x[n].

1) x[n] is a real and then signal.

2) x[n] has period N = 10 and Fourier coefficient aK.

3) a11 = 5


Let x(n) = A cos (Bn + C). Then find the value of A + B + C =

Question 4

If the Fourier transform of a certain function f(t) is:

Determine the Fourier transform of the given function:

Question 5

Consider a continuous time signal x(t) whose Fourier transform is
[Where u(ω) is unit step signal]
The signal x(t) is

Question 6

The Fourier transform (F.T.) of 25*sinc[10(t-2)] will be

Question 7

Let be a continuous time signal Signal x (t)
 is applied as input to a system whose impulse response is The output of the system is y(t), then the value of y(t) at t=2 is _________.
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