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GATE 2024 Railway & airport Foundation Quiz 89

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Question 1

If design velocity on the curve is 80 kmph then the design super elevation on a 3 degree horizontal curve for narrow gauge track

Question 2

To provide a cant in rails, wooden sleepers are cut to a slope at rail seat, which is known as:

Question 3

A transition curve is to be provided for a circular railway curve 236 m radius. The gauge is 12m with the maximum superelevation restricted 20 cm. what is the length of the transition curve for balancing the centrifugal force?

Question 4

The longitudinal section of a runway provides the following data:

The effective gradient of the runway (in %, round off to two decimal places) is _____.

Question 5

A straight railway track with a design speed of 100kmph, superelevation of 150mm, and a cant deficiency of 75 mm meets a horizontal curve. So it is proposed to lay out a transition curve for smooth movement of the trains. The length of the transition curve required is…….. m.

(Round of to one decimal places)

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