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GATE 2024 Power Electronics Rank Booster Quiz 42

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Question 1

For the circuit shown in figure

the maximum value of di/dt and dv/dt for the thyristor is

Question 2

During the reverse recovery process, there will be reverse peaks in the voltage ,these can be limited by

Question 3

A thyristor operating from peak supply voltage of 240V has the following specifications.


For a safety factor of 1.5. Find the value of resistance used in the snubber circuit?

Question 4

Figure shows a thyristor, with charging current of capacitor IC = 600 mA . The ratio of minimum gate pulse width required to turn on the SCR to time constant is

Question 5

The maximum junction temperature for a thyristor is 150°C. The thermal resistances of the combination are QJC = 0.2°C/W and QCS = 0.1°C/W. If the temperature of heat sink is brought down to 60°C from 80°C. What is the percentage increase in the rating of thyristor?

Question 6

A power device has a thermal capacity of 0.2 J/ and a thermal resistance of 0.7 /W. Determine the maximum power dissipation the power device can withstand for 0.1 second for a temperature not exceeding 40  .

Question 7

In the circuit shown below, the capacitor is initially charged to Vs the polarity as shown. If C = 10 μF, then the circuit turn off time of main thyristor T1 is

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