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GATE 2024 EMT Rank Booster Quiz 43

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Question 1

The modes in a rectangular waveguide are denoted by TEmn/TMmn where m and n are the eigen numbers along the larger and smaller dimensions of the waveguide respectively. Which one of the following statements is TRUE?

Question 2

A rectangular waveguide of internal dimensions (a = 4 cm and b = 3) is to be operated TE11 mode. The minimum operating frequency is

Question 3

In an Air filled rectangular waveguide with a = 2 cm; b = 1 cm, the y component of TE mode is given

Find propagation constant

Question 4

A rectangular waveguide having TE10 mode as dominant mode is having a cutoff frequency of 18-GHz for the TE30 mode. The inner broad-wall dimension of the rectangular waveguide is:

Question 5

A rectangular metal wave–guide filled with a dielectric material of relative permittivity has the inside dimensions . The cut–off frequency for the dominant mode is

Question 6

A circular waveguide carries mode whose radial electric –field is given by

Where r is radial distance in cm from the waveguide axis
Cut off wavelength of this mode is

Question 7

An air-filled rectangular waveguide of internal dimensions a cm × b cm(a > b) has a cutoff frequency of 6 GHz for the dominant TE10 mode. For the same waveguide, if the cutoff frequency of the TM11 mode is 15 GHz, the cutoff frequency of the TE01 mode in GHz is ___________.
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