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GATE 2024 EMT Rank Booster Quiz 42

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Question 1

A high frequency transmission line consists of a pair of open wires having a distributed capacitance of 0.05μF per km and a distributed inductance of 1mH per km. Find characteristic impedance and propagation constant at f=10 MHz.

Question 2

A lossless transmission line operating at 100 M rad/s has L = 1μH/m and C = 10 pF/m. Then, find the characteristic impedance of such a line.

Question 3

The physical length of a transmission line is λ/4, then what is its electrical length?

Question 4

A line with zero dissipation has R=1.6 Ω/km, L=2.5μH/m, C=4.45pF/m. If line is operated at 10MHz. Determine characteristic impedance and phase constant.

Question 5

A short–circuited stub is shunt connected to a transmission line as shown in figure. If ohm, the admittance Y seen at the junction of the stub and the transmission line is

Question 6

A load of 50 Ω is connected in shunt in a 2-wire transmission line of Z0 = 50 Ω as shown in the figure. The 2-port scattering parameter matrix (S-matrix) of the shunt element is:

Question 7

A lossless transmission line is characterized by a distributed inductance of and capacitance of. Its characteristic impedance is?
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