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GATE 2024 Electromagnetic Fields Foundation Quiz 66

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Question 1

A co-axial line that is infinitely long carries a current of -2mA in the outer conductor, and 2mA in the centre of the conductor in 'z' direction. If the radius of inner conductor, inner part of outer conductor, and outer part of outer conductor are respectively 12mm, 18mm and 30mm, then find out the magnitude of magnetic field intensity at ρ=4mm. (ρ is the distance of point from centre of co-axial line)

Question 2

Determine the new inductance of a solenoid, if a solenoid has 2 times increased length, and half times decreased radius.(Given, inductance= 15mH).

Question 3

The core of toroid is 12 cm2 and is made up of material with the μr = 200. If the mean radius of toroid is 50 cm, then the number of turns required to obtain an inductance of 2.5 H

Question 4

A filamentary current of 8A flows in the +Z direction. The magnetic field at is

Question 5

The cylindrical surface ρ = 20 mm carries the current , while the surface ρ = 40 mm has the solenoidal current A/m. Then the magnitude of magnetic field intensity (in A/m) at ρ = 50 mm is?
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