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Question 1

Calculate the barrier capacitance of Ge pn junction whose area is 1mm × 1mm & space charge thickness is 2 × 10–4 cm &

Question 2

Consider series circuit shown below, the L E D shown has a constant forward voltage drop of VD = 1.5 V and its luminous intensity (IV) varies directly with forward current and is described by

 IV= 40 iD med (millicandela)

if the limiting resistor R = 100W, then the luminous intensity of the LED is

Question 3

The relative values of the forward conduction voltage for a p-n junction diode, a Red LED and a Schottky barrier diode are

Question 4

If the efficiency of photo diode (photo detector) is 100% for the incident light with 50μm wavelength. Then the responsivity of photo detector in [A/W] is _____

Question 5

Photons of energy 2 × 10–19 joules are incident on a photo diode which as a responsivity .65 A/W. The optical power level is 20 μW. What is photo current generated?

Question 6

Which of the following option is correct?

1) Solar cell is one of the Schottky diode.

2) Solar cells are used in spacecrafts, blinkers etc.

3) Solar cell work on the piezoelectric effect.

4) Solar cell and photodiode both are the same except in junction areas.

Question 7

If the forward voltage drop across the LED shown below is and the luminous intensity varies according to the relation mcd (millicandela). If the value of R = 0.1K Ω then the luminous intensity of the LED will be:

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