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GATE 2024 Design of Concrete Structures Foundation Quiz 88

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Question 1

Statement (I): Loss due to prestress in a pretensioned beam is generally more than that in a post tensioned beam.

Statement (II): Loss due to elastic shortening does not take place in post tensioned beams

Question 2

The ratio of frictional loss due to curvature effect to that of wobble effect if jacking is done from both ends will be _____ (Take μ = 0.3, k = 0.003/m).

Question 3

According to Indian standard code IS 1343-1980. Which one of the following statements is incorrect ?

Question 4

Consider the following statements:
1) In PSC member, compressive and tensile forces remain constant and lever arm varies.
2) In RCC member, lever arm remains constant along the span while compressive and tensile force varies.

Question 5

In a post-tension pre-stressed concrete beam, the end block zone is in between the end of the beam and the section where
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