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GATE 2024 Design of Concrete Structures Foundation Quiz 86

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Question 1

For a beam given below

Bending moment = 120 kNm. Effective cover = 30 mm
Beam width = 400 mm
overall width = 330 mm
Area of steel =1257 mm2
USE - M20/Fe 550

Which of following statement is correct (use LSM)

Question 2

A simply supported one way slab of effective depth 400 mm is required to resist the ultimate moment of 37 kN-m/m, if 10 mm diameter main bar s used in the slab, the spacing of the man bar required will be _____ mm. (Use M25 & Fe500 respectively)

Question 3

An RC square column of size 600 mm is constructed to carry an unfactored load of 3000 kN. The ends of the column are restrained from displacement but free to rotate and is casted with M-25 concrete. The area of Fe-415 steel required to carry the given load considering that the column is short and loaded with minimum eccentricity is

Question 4

A slab have effective span in two direction as ly = 8.5 m and lx = 6.2 m. The factored superimposed load is 25 KN/m2. As per Rankine Grashoff’s theory, calculate the value of My in KNm.

Question 5

A circular column has to be designed using lateral ties to carry an axial load of 1500kN. Using M25 mix and Fe 415 grade steel, what is the required diameter of column section? (assume longitudinal steel percentage = 1% of gross area)
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