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GATE 2024 Communication Systems Rank Booster Quiz 36

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Question 1

T V screen consists of 50000 pictures elements and 32 different brightness levels. Repetition rate of pictures is 35 pictures per second ‘all levels’. All the picture elements are independents and have equally likely probability of occurrence.

The average rate of information conveyed by this TV screen will be:

Question 2

If a stationary source has pdf fx(x) = and this source is quantized using 4 level uniform quantizer as

The entropy of quantized source is ___________

Question 3

If X and Y are random variables such that E[2X + Y] = 0 and E[X + 2Y] = 33, then E[X] + E[Y] = _________.

Question 4

A source delivers 4 symbols with probabilities P(W) = P(X) = P(Y) = p and P(Z). Determine the highest possible entropy, corresponding value of p and the range over which p can vary.

Question 5

A (7,4) cyclic coding scheme has to be utilised at a source. Determine which of the following may be a correctly generated codeword for the data word ‘1010’.

Question 6

A memory less source generates two message with probability 0.4 and 0.6. These are coded as 0.2 and 1. The code effciency is________%

Question 7

Over a certain binary communication channel, the symbol 0 is transmitted with probability 0.4 and 1 is transmitted with probability 0.6. It is given that  and , where  is the probability of detecting the error given that xi is transmitted. What is the error probability of the channel?
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