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Question 1

In time division multiplexing, the noise contribution of PM detector as compare to FM detector is

Question 2

An AM signal is represented as  
with regards to this signal which of the following statement is true :
1) The spectrum consists of 8 spectral component.
2) The bandwidth of the signal is 20 KHz
3) The total modulated index is 0.707
4) The modulation efficiency is 5

Question 3

Consider the frequency modulated signal 
With carrier frequency of 105 Hz. The modulation index is

Question 4

An angle modulated signal is given by
Description: Description: 08_Analog-Comm_BL-done_files\image053.pngIf V(t) is a FM signal with frequency sensitivity of 17 Hz/V, the modulating signal m(t) is

Question 5

In an angle modulated signal, the modulated frequency is increased from 15kHz to 30 kHz. If the signal is frequency modulated, the modulated signal bandwidth is

Question 6

13 single each is band limited to 7 kHz are to be transmitted over a single channel. If AM DSB modulation technique is used and the guard band of 1.5 kHz is present then the bandwidth of the multiplexed signal is ________kHz.

Question 7

An angle modulated signal expressed as

The signal is

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