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GATE 2024 Communication Systems Rank Booster Quiz 31

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Question 1

Let x(t) be a signal band width to 1 kHz.

Amplitude modulation is performed to produce signal g(t) = x(t) sin 2000ϖt. A proposed demodulation technique to illustrated in figure. The ideal low pass filter has cutoff frequency 1 kHz and pass band gain 2. The y(t) would be

Question 2

The intermediate frequency of an AM superheterodyne receiver is 460 kHz and the local oscillator frequency (fLO) of the mixer is set at the higher of the two possible values, such that fLO > fc always. If the carries frequency (fC of the receiver signal is 700 kHz, then the carrier frequency of the corresponding image signal will be______ kHz.

Question 3

A modulating signal is amplified by a 80% efficiency amplifier before being combined with a 20 kW carrier to generate an AM signal. The required dc input power to the amplifier, for the system to operate at 100% modulation, would be,

Question 4

A 1 MHz sinusoidal carrier is amplitude modulated by a symmetrical square wave of provide 100 μ sec. Which of the following frequencies will not be present in the modulated signal?

Question 5

The tracking error at different input carrier frequencies of an AM super heterodyne receiver, operating in the range (550 + 1650) KHz is shown in :

The intermediate frequency of receiver is 450 KHz. If the maximum frequency of modulating signal is 7 KHz, find minimum bandwidth (in kHz) required by IF Amplifier of receiver

Question 6

For the AM envelope shown below, determine the total power transmitted is _____W.

Question 7

The intermediate frequency of an AM super-heterodyne receiver is 475 KHz and local oscillator frequency (fLO) of mixer is set at higher of two possible values such that fLO< fc always. If carrier frequency (fc) of the received signal is 1050 KHz, find carrier frequency (in kHz) of corresponding image signal.
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