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GATE 2024 Analog Electronics Rank Booster Quiz 39

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Question 1

In Common Emitter Configuration, βdc = 200, then what will be the value of Ic if the base current is given 15 µA.

Question 2

In the given circuit the biasing point of the transistor are fixed as Ic = 3mA, and Vc = 1.55 V then the value of current source and RB required to meet the designing requirement is (Assume VBE=0.7 V)

Question 3

For the given circuit shown below, for both transistor and The value of R1 is _______ kΩ.

Question 4

For the circuit in fig let . The values of Q-point
(I CQ .VCEQ)is

Question 5

In the figure shown below

Assuming β = 120 and VBE = 0.7 V, the value of VC and VB is

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

For the given power-temperature current (power derating curve) for a BJT choose the correct option(s)?

Question 7

The amplifier in which the effect of base width modulation is negligible is
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