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GATE 2024 Analog Electronics Rank Booster Quiz 38

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Question 1

Consider the diode circuit shown in the figure below.

If the diodes are ideal and the input voltage is a 1 kHz sine wave with a peak value of 10V, then the output waveform can be represented as

Question 2

For half-wave rectifier, the value of the direct current is given by x.I, where Im is the peak to peak value of the input. Find the value of x?
[Write the answer upto two decimal point]

Question 3

In the circuit shown below, the Zener diode is ideal and the Zener voltage is 6V. The output voltage V0 (in volts) is ____________.
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Question 4

Assume that the supply voltage in the figure shown below starts decreasing from 30 V to 0 V. The maximum supply voltage at which the Zener voltage loses its regulating ability is ______ V.

Question 5

The circuit shown below is a zener regulated DC power supply. The minimum value of RL for zener voltage regulation circuit_____kΩ
2019-10-16.png (1638×726)

Question 6

The Zener regulator circuit shown below consists of Si based Zener diode and Ge diode. The cut-in Voltage of Ge diode is 0.2 Volts, whereas cut-in Voltage of Si-diode is 0.7 Volts.

The output voltage (Vo) of the Zener regulator circuit is

Question 7

A two sided limiting circuit has to be designed using two diode and two independent power supply which will supply power to a 1 kΩ load resistor with output voltage limiting levels of ± 3 V. Assuming the voltage gain of the circuit to be 0.95 V/V and the cut in voltages of diode to be 0.7. Then which of the following options represent that circuit?
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