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GATE 2023 Power systems Quiz 43

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Question 1

A shunt reactor of 100MVAR is operated at 90% of its rated voltage and 90% of its rated frequency. The reactive power absorbed by the reactor is ____?

Question 2

Assertion (A): Synchronous condensers are used for p.f. improvement only for high KVAR rating.

Reason (R): Initial as well as operating cost of synchronous condenser is higher than that of static capacitors.

Question 3

When Series Reactor is used in generating stations, the Fault current magnitude will_____?

Question 4

With 100 % inductive shunt compensation, the voltage profile is flat for which of the following loading on the lina?

Question 5

A 200 kV transmission line has a maximum power transfer capacity of P. It is operated at 300 kV with series reactance unchanged, the new maximum power transfer capacity will approximately become

Question 6

A 3-phase, 232 kV, 50 Hz transmission line has connected to a load 90 MW at power factor 0.9 lagging. Find the reactive power absorbed by the under excited synchronous motor which is connected at load side operating at no load(shunt reactor) __________? Due to absorbed reactive power the power factor reduce to 0.6 lagging.
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