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GATE 2023 Power System Rank Booster Quiz 1

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Question 1

The transmission line having a diameter of 4 cm and μr= 6 produces an internal inductance 0.12 μH/m. If it is replaced by an ASCR conductor which has a same diameter size but μr = 10, what will be the new internal inductance (μH/m)?

Question 2

Assuming Constant Transmission Efficiency, if voltage is increased 'n' times, the size of the conductor would be________?

Question 3

Consider the following statements regarding 3-phase AC line to DC line.

A) Power losses are reduced in comparison of AC.

B) Cost of transmission is increased due to line compensation.

C) The DC line can transmit twice the power of a three-phase double circuit system with             modification of insulation and with same percentage loss.

Which of the following option is correct ?

Question 4

In a ACSR conductor why is grease put between steel and aluminium conductors?

Question 5

A 1MVA, 2.2/6.6 kV transformer have an equivalent resistance of 9.68 Ω and leakage reactance of 14.52 Ω. The transformer is working at full load at a power factor of 0.6 lag. If the power factor is increased to 0.8 lag, then find the percentage of load that should be reduced so that the voltage regulation becomes half of the original operating condition is________.

Question 6

The generalized circuit constants of a 3-Φ , 11 kV medium length T.L. are

A = D = 0.9360.98°

B = 15 80.01° Ω

C = (—6.56 + j 950) × 10—6 Ω

At the receiving end 3MW, 11 KV P.F = 0.8 lagging load is connected. Find the voltage regulation?

Question 7

A 3-Φ, 50 Hz transmission line at 11 kV delivers a load of 800 kw at 0.8 p.F lag. Resistance and reactance of each line conductor may be assumed to be 5 ohm and 7.8 ohm respectively. Assuming given rated voltage is of supply (sending end) side. Determine the total losses in line. (in kw)
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