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GATE 2023 Power Electronics Rank Booster Quiz 45

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Question 1

A 3 - halfwave controlled converter is fed from 3 phase, 400 V, 50 Hz source and is connected to load taking a constant current of 36 A. Thyristor have a voltage drop of 1.4 V. The average power dissipated in each thyristor is,

Question 2

A six pulse thyristor rectifier bridge is connected to a balanced 50 Hz three phase ac source. Assuming that the dc output current of the rectifier is constant, the lowest frequency harmonic component in the ac source line current is

Question 3

A 3-ϕ full converter bridge is connected to supply voltage of 230 V per phase and a frequency of 50 Hz. The source inductance is 4 mH and load current on dc side is constant at 20 A at 30ׄ° firing angle

The percentage voltage regulation due to source inductance is:

Question 4

For the given below 3- φ half wave converter. The possible value of firing angle for which the converter will be controllable.

Question 5

A 3-ϕ full converter is fed from 3-ϕ, 400 V, 50 Hz source is connected to load, R = 10 Ω, E = 320 V and large inductance so that output current is ripple free. Find the power deliver to the battery (in kW) for a firing angle of 15°.

Question 6

A 3-ϕ semi-converter feeds power to a resistive load of 8 Ω. For a firing angle delay of 30°, the load takes 4 kW. The load current is made ripple free by connecting suitable inductor at load. Find the per phase input voltage.

Question 7

Consider the circuit as shown in figure below. Find the overlapping angle (μ), Ls = 4 mH and firing angle (α) = 30°, Vs = 230 V/phase, f = 50 Hz.

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