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GATE 2022 ME: Industrial Engineering Revision Quiz

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Question 1

Which one of the following is a qualitative technique of demand forecasting?

Question 2

In a 6×6 transportation problem, degeneracy would arise if the number of filled slots were _________.

Question 3

In PERT, the distribution of activity times is assumed to be

Question 4

Which one of the following is a qualitative technique of demand forecasting?

Question 5

For a small-scale industry, the fixed cost per month is Rs 5,000. The variable cost per product is Rs 20 and the sales price is Rs 30 per piece. The break-even production per month will be

Question 6

Consider the following linear programming problem


The optimal value of the objective function for the above problem is

Question 7

The average service rate at a Service Centre is 8 customer/hr, which varies exponentially. Customers arrive at random order with an average of 6 customer/hr. The probability of at least 3 customers in the system is____

Question 8

Two models, P and Q, of a product earn profits of Rs. 100 and Rs. 80 per piece, respectively. Production times for P and Q are 5 hours and 3 hours, respectively, while the total production time available is 150 hours. For a total batch size of 40, to maximize profit, the number of units of P to be produced is ____________.

Question 9

Consider the following network diagram

Where σ2 =variance for a particular activity. (Under the normal distribution curve, the probability at z=1 is 84.13 %). The probability of completing the project before 31 days is

Question 10

For a canteen, the actual demand for disposable cups was 500 units in January and 600 units in February. The forecast for the month of January was 400 units. The forecast for the month of March considering smoothing coefficient as 0.75 is _________

Question 11

Determine total float and independent float for activity 3-4

Question 12

A PERT activity has an optimistic time estimate of 3 days, a pessimistic time estimate of 10 days, and a most likely time estimate of 8 days. What is the expected time of this activity?

Question 13

A dealer for washing machines forecasts the demand at the rate of 600 units per month, for the next four months. The actual demand is found to be 500, 680, 800 and 900 units. The mean absolute deviation (MAD) and the BIAS are found to be

Question 14

A self-service store employs one cashier at its counter. 8 customers arrive on an average every 5 minutes, whereas cashier can serve 10 customers in same time. Assuming Poisson distribution for service rate, the average time a customer spends in the queue will be

Question 15

A particular item has a demand of 9000 units/ year. The cost of one procurement is Rs. 108 and the holding cost per u nit is Rs. 2.40/year. The replacement is instantaneous and no shortages are allowed. What is the optimum number of orders/year?
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