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Question 1

In a Lacey’s Regime channel, the discharge is 100m3/s and the longitudinal slope is 0.0002. The silt factor of this channel is?

Question 2

For a trapezoidal channel having width 3.45 m, side slope 1:1 and depth 2.15 m, the average shear stress on the sides of the channel is (N/m2, round off to two decimal places)

(The bed slope can be taken equal to 1 in 4500)

Question 3

The profile of the gravity dam is as shown in the figure and water is filled up to the crest. Take γconcrete=25 kN/m3, γwater = 10 kN/m3. Neglecting uplift pressure, the location of resultant force (in m, correct up to two decimal places) at the base from the toe of the dam is ____.

Question 4

Find the factor of safety against overturning for dam section. Ignore uplift.

Question 5

A horizontal impervious floor of length 20 m is provided with a cutoff of a 4 m depth at its downstream end. If the head causing the flow is 2m, find the exit gradient for the soil. Take Gs = 2.7 and void ratio is 0.70. Round off to three decimal digits.

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

For cross drainage works, which of the following statement is true?

Question 7Multiple Correct Options

A channel for alluvia soil has following data

1) Q = 80 cumsec

2) Slope = 1/3000

3) Manning rugosity coefficient = 0.015

4) Side slope =

5) Tractive stress = 0.0013 kN/m2

Using tractive force choose use(rw = 9.81 kN/m3) correct option

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