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GATE 2023 II Theory of Machines & Vibrations II Champion Quiz 6

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Question 1

If mi is the unbalanced mass, ri is the radius of rotation. If mc and rc are the balancing mass and the radius of rotation. Which of the following is correct -?

Question 2

The swaying couple is due to the
i. primary unbalanced force
ii. secondary unbalanced force
iii. three locomotive cylinders
iv. partial balancing

Question 3

A system of masses rotating in different parallel planes in dynamic balance if –

Question 4

The equation of free Vibration as a system is . Its natural frequency in Hz is

Question 5

Which of the following equation represents forced vibration with damping?

Question 6

Which one of the following causes whirling of shafts?

Question 7

What is vibration isolator?

Question 8

Magnification factor is the ratio of the maximum displacement due to forced vibrations to the deflection due to _______
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