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GATE 2023 II Strength of Material II Champion Quiz 3

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Question 1

Mohr’s circle for the state of stress defined by MP is a circle with

Question 2

For the cantilever beam of span 3 m as shown below, a concentrated load of 20 kN applied at the free end causes a vertical displacement of 2 mm at a section located at a distance of 1 m from the fixed end. If a concentrated vertically downward load of 10 kN is applied at the section located at a distance of 1 m from the fixed end (with no other load on the beam), the maximum vertical displacement in the same beam is ____ mm.

Question 3

A cantilever beam is deflected by δ due to load P. If length of beam is doubled, the deflection compared to earlier case will be changed by a factor of _______.

Question 4

A simply supported beam AB shown below is loaded with a couple μ at the end B . For the given beam, the equation of the elastic curve will be ______.

Question 5

A simply supported beam is subjected to unsymmetric load as shown in figure

The deflection is maximum at

Question 6

A column of length 4m and diameter 5cm is fixed at one end and hinged at the other end. Calculate the safe load for this column using a factor of safety of 4.

For Rankine’s formula use:

Question 7

A column of square cross section of side 100 × 100 mm2. Find the radius of gyration for column (in mm).

Question 8

A circular column of length 3m has Euler’s buckling load of 20kN. If the diameter of the column is reduced by 10%, the new Euler buckling load will be __________kN(correct up to 2 decimal values).
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