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GATE 2023 II Sheet Metal II Quiz 61

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Question 1

Which of the following statements is/are correct in punching sheet metal operation?

a. The diameter of the punch is equal to the diameter of the hole.

b. Clearance is provided on the die.

c. Shear is provided on punch.

d. All of above.

Question 2

A cup of diameter d and height h is drawn from a blank of diameter D. The condition for this drawing operation to be shallow drawing is ______.

Question 3

The maximum force required to punch a hole in a sheet is Fmax . The maximum force required when the punch is provided with shear (s) and penetration is Pt is ______.(Assume force displacement curve is trapezoidal)

Question 4

Which of the following is true in case of minimum radius for bending in sheet metal processes?

Question 5

In the blanking operation to produced steel washer, the maximum punch load used is 4 ×105 N. The plate thickness is 4 mm and percentage penetration is 85%. The work done in shearing operation is

Question 6

A 30 mm diameter disc is to be punched out from a steel sheet 2 mm thick. The diameter (in mm ) of the punch is _____ (Shear strength of material is 225 MPa)
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