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GATE 2023 II Power Plant Engineering II Champion Quiz 15

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Question 1

In centrifugal compressor terminology vane less space refers to the space between _________.

Question 2

Ratio of the pressure rise in rotor blades to the pressure rise in stages in an axial flow compressor is defined as

Question 3

In a reaction steam turbine as fluid moves over fixed blade, there is_____?

Question 4

What is the critical pressure ratio for isentropic nozzle flow with ratio of specific heats as 1.5?

Question 5

Which type of blade profile is preferred for high efficiency in centrifugal compressor_____?

Question 6

In a single stage impulse steam turbine, nozzle, nozzle angle at inlet is 20 degree. For symmetric and smooth blade, maximum blade efficiency is ______?

Question 7

Which fluid property remains invariant across a normal shock wave __________?

Question 8

In a single stage impulse steam turbine, nozzle angle at inlet is 30 degree. For maximum blade efficiency blade speed ratio is_____?
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