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GATE 2023 II Manufacturing & Engineering materials II Champion Quiz 13

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Question 1

The specific machining energy during the orthogonal turning of MS rod is . The depth of cut, feed, cutting velocity respectively. The main cutting force in N is:

Question 2

Which of the following is the independent variables in metal cutting operations?

Question 3

Permeability is _________.

Question 4

Core prints are prepared in molds to support _________.

Question 5

In an orthogonal machining a specimen of diameter 20 mm is being machined at 10 revolutions per second. If the uncut thickness of specimen is 5 mm and depth of cut is 0.25 mm,

The MRR in cm3/min is :

Question 6

In a green sand molding process, uniform ramming leads to _______.

Question 7

In sand moulding, the bottom most part of the flask is called 

Question 8

Tool signature comprises of ______.
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