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GATE 2023 II Industrial Engineering II Champion Quiz 12

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Question 1

What is the value of minimum shear strain when rake angle is 0° and thickness ratio is 0.4 ___________?

Question 2

If α is the rake angle of cutting, ϕ is the shear angle and V is the cutting velocity, The shear velocity will be

Question 3

Consider the following demand data: 90, 92, 86, 88, 96, 98, 100. Find the weighted moving average for the eighth period if weight of 0.75 is assigned for first four periods and weight of 1.5 for remaining three.

Question 4

In time cost – trade off function analysis

Question 5

In a bottling factory, the forecast for July was 200 units with a smoothing constant of 0.3. Using 1st order exponential smoothing, what is the forecast for September________?

Question 6

Which parameter should be increased to avoid built-up-edge formation?
P: Rake Angle
Q: Velocity
R: Feed
S: Depth of cut

Question 7

When machinery a hard and brittle metal like cast iron, the type of chips produced is

Question 8

When the rake angle is zero and the chip thickness and uncut chip thickness are equal then, cutting shear strain is
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